Update #3

Our team has met periodically for the past week., but we have achieved the most just yesterday, where we have finished an acceptable prototype of our launching mechanism, tentatively titled Christina the Contraption. The catapult has successfully propelled the ball at a height of 7 feet over a distance of around 15 feet. Also, we have completed a model of our drive system, which we have also successfully coded to work the way we would like it to. Our team has also made significant progress on our ball picking-up system, but it is not complete at the time of the writing of this update due to the fact that we have been focusing on our launcher and driving mechanism. We will soon be creating a goal to shoot through and will be building the actual launcher now, not just a prototype. All in all, this has been a very productive week for our team, as we are ahead of schedule, and we look forward to the rest of the build season.