Beach Blitz

Beach Blitz: Day Two

On October 8th to 9th, the Hawkbots competed in the Beach Blitz Robotics competition at Marina High School located in Huntington Beach. Just like the Fall Classic, new members were given the chance to work hands on with the robot and earn a spot of drive team. After the first day, members had the opportunity to attend workshops presented by other team mentors on various robotics skills such as CAD, programming, and FRC Manufacturing. Competition-wise, Esa Playa performed great on the field and consistently stayed within the top 10 ranking.  Despite robot difficulties early on, the team overcame them and finished 9th overall – which was enough to be chosen for playoffs as the 6th seed. Although our alliance put up a great fight, we lost in the quarterfinals, but nonetheless, congratulations to Team 3309, Team 330, and Team 5835 for winning Beach Blitz in a field of 28 robots.


You can learn more on how the Hawkbots performed and even view matches and the Ceremonies by visiting  the Orange County Robotics Alliance at


A BIG Thank you to teams 3309, 4276, & 3476 for hosting this BOULD Competition!!

The Hawkbots definitely felt the Blitz that weekend 🙂