There hasn’t been an update in a few weeks, because we were very busy getting things done. A lot has been accomplished. We bagged the robot a few weeks ago, but left the catapult arms out to perfect them. We also have been working on different designs for our grabber […]

Update #6

Last week we finalized our design and ordered all the parts we need in order to construct our robot, and just yesterday we completed the base frame. On Monday we will be attaching the gearboxes and the wheels and driving it around. In the meantime, we have received the parts […]

Update #5

Our team has met periodically for the past week., but we have achieved the most just yesterday, where we have finished an acceptable prototype of our launching mechanism, tentatively titled Christina the Contraption. The catapult has successfully propelled the ball at a height of 7 feet over a distance of […]

Update #3

We took some videos of our launcher and our drive system prototypes, and here they are: Launcher: Drive Train: So far progress is looking good! Analysis of how well these wood prototypes work will allow us to  make the improvements necessary used in the final robot.

Update #4

Things are pumping up, as we put in a solid 6 hours of work on the robot yesterday. We worked on a prototype for the launching mechanism as well as one for our pick-up system. Our launch system that we prototyped was a catapult, and to pick up balls we […]

Update #2

Today the FIRST Robotics competition challenge was revealed to teams on their broadcast, and we quickly set out to brainstorm ideas for our robot, as well as assembling the drive train. The challenge and the rules for the challenge can be found here: http://frc-manual.usfirst.org/. We split into three teams – one […]

Update #1